Affiliate Summit East 2012 Recap

I have to say – what a show this year. It was honestly the busiest, most fun, and most productive Affiliate Summit I’ve ever been to. I picked up a lot of great info along with a ton of motivation as always even though this is something like my 6th or 7th summit. I thing going out to Affiliate Summit always pays for itself in the knowledge and connections you bring back and if you’re in this game you should seriously not miss a single one if you can make it.

I’ll start off with some observations. There were plenty of familiar faces around this year, but I also noticed a lot of affiliates I met at past shows no longer there. At the same time, I ran into affiliates that I met four years ago who are now advertisers themselves. Just goes to show you the changing landscape of the industry and how it’s continually evolving along with the affiliates in it. It was awesome to see them still kicking ass and growing as entrepreneurs.

Day One:

Sunday kicked off the show with the meet market and the first set of sessions. As always, the meet market was busy and I got to see a bunch of familiar faces. I caught Alex Tsatkin’s session on the five mistakes to avoid in mobile marketing for which you can get the slides for on his blog here. I also checked out the Optimize WordPress for Speed and Conversions with a friend and it had some excellent tidbits on how to improve your page load time even if you’re not using WordPress.

Sunday night was the Badger Web Assets aka EWA party at the Hudson Terrace. Everybody that went thought it was a great party and I would agree – you can’t complain about the view and the company wasn’t bad either :) It was nice to have a single party on a single night so that everyone wasn’t scattered around and hopping from place to place, which is what happened on Monday night.

Day Two:

Monday it was time for serious business. The exhibits opened up and after walking the floor and talking to some of my AMs on the floor, I headed out to my meetings for the day. Towards the end of the day I checked out the Cover Your Ass(ets): Online Advertising Compliance Update to get the latest on the legal landscape and how it’s affecting our industry. This was definitely one session not to miss even if you don’t promote the typical offers that tend to get affiliates in trouble.

After hitting the show, it was time for Ian Fernando’s IANteract dinner hosted by NDemand Affiliates. This time it was at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse with a five-course meal. Everybody got the New York strip of course and the dessert was amazing. NDemand also hooked everybody at the dinner up with a pair of Coach and DG sunglasses which was awesome of them. Ian’s dinners are always fun and a great opportunity to meet other successful people in the business.

Monday night was when all the big parties went down. There was the Clickbooth party at Hudson Terrace featuring Juvenile, which I hit up just as it was getting started. Next I ended up at Affiliate Ball at the Cocacobana featuring Mix Master Mike, Ice-T, and Coco. Honestly, this event could have been much better. I wish I skipped affiliate ball and headed straight to the A4D / Engage BDR party at The Griffin which is where I ended my night after being the last person allowed into the party before they shut off the line. It was in fact crazy inside and all the big names in the industry were there. Definitely was not a party to miss.

Day Three:

The final day of Affiliate Summit. By this time everyone is pretty worn out from being out super late the night before and I almost forgot I had a meeting which I just made. Note to self: Don’t make meetings on the last day of the show :) I checked out the exhibit floor one last time and caught up with a few more affiliate managers of mine as well as a few advertisers and traffic source reps. Following that I got to attend the Yankees game with Convert2Media and of course we rode there in a groovy limo called the Heartbreaker. After the game, everybody went back to the hotel to get ready to go out of another night and C2M made it a very memorable night at Kiss & Fly.

I’d like to thank Shawn and Missy for once again putting together a successful show. Affiliate Summit continues to be a must-attend conference and this year was no different. If you didn’t make it this year, make sure you don’t miss out on Affiliate Summit West in Vegas – early bird passes are already up for sale so get them while you can!

To everyone I saw at the show, it was great seeing you. Thanks for the continued support from my readers and fellow affiliates / industry folks. See everybody in Vegas!









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6 Responses to “Affiliate Summit East 2012 Recap”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Rohail good to see you too bro.

  2. Ryan Hurry says:

    Rohail, great connecting at the summit bro, glad you could make it out the Yankees game with us as well. Good times! Keep it up man!

  3. Rohail says:

    No problem, thanks and great seeing you fellas there!

  4. Dina Riccs says:

    Sorry I missed you at the show – you were at the Yankee game too? How did I miss you there?! We are going to have to catch up in Vegas.

  5. Hendrix says:

    Miss your blog posts bro! Especially the monthly income ones with your goals, really great motivation.
    What are you up to these days? Rebills/Mobile? Still doing $2k+ days?

  6. Rohail says:

    Hey Hendrix, thanks for your comment, means a lot. New posts coming soon!

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