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Affiliate Summit East 2014

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Wow – what a show! It always is and I was glad that Affiliate Summit East was back in NYC.

I got a ton out of the show as usual both on and off the conference floor. ASE was held at the Marriott Marquis this year and I actually liked the location of the venue better than the Hilton, because it was easier to get to places in downtown. Although, I’m not a fan of being in Time Square, I’m sure everyone who was visiting appreciated the chance to be surround by all the bright lights.

Okay well instead of bore you with writing paragraphs about what I did, here are some pictures from the show:


affiliate summit east

Affiliate Summit East trade show floor at the Marriot Marquis – Busy as always.


The boat we did our Sunset Cruise around the Hudson – JK maybe next year


Networking on the boat with some high rollers.

statue of liberty

Nice view of the Statue of Liberty from the cruise.

After party at 1Oak with some good friends in the industry.

halal cart

The obligatory visit to the Halal Cart by Affiliate Summit East goers.

And that was Affiliate Summit East 2014 in a nutshell. I got to reconnect with great friends in the industry as well as got taken out by a few of the affiliate networks that I work closely with (can’t complain about getting to check out new fancy restaurants in NYC). I also picked up a lot just by walking around the floor and connecting with my AMs on the floor who told me what was currently crushing it – I immediately got the best offers from them and put their advice to use after the show.

Once again, Affiliate Summit did not disappoint. This is the one show that I never miss and I always tell anyone starting out as an affiliate or anyone putting together an affiliate program to make sure they attend the show. It’s also AWESOME to see how it’s one big family and to see how everyone I met in 2008-2009 has grown into extremely successful affiliates – and ALL of them attend the show no matter what. Just goes to show you the power of surrounding yourself with highly successful and ambitious people. I can’t wait to grow my business after this show and am really excited to attend Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas, which will probably be my 11th show!

Do yourself a favor and get your pass as soon as they have the early bird passes out! Don’t miss out – see you at the next one!


Colombia and ASW Recap

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

What’s going on guys?

It’s been ages since I’ve written (actually since my last Colombia trip in August). I wanted to do a quick recap of my second trip to Colombia. This time I put together sort of a mastermind / vacation with a few affiliates that I know personally and work with. December was a really great time to visit, considering the weather was way nicer than it was in NYC and the city itself was gearing up for Christmas celebrations and that meant lots of lights, parades, and fiestas.

This is the place I found for us to stay at for the month. I decided to do a little video tour of the penthouse. Check it out below:

While a month might seem like a long vacation, we actually all worked for about half the day and then explored the city for the rest of the day. There was an awesome outdoor row of restaurants sitting atop the mountain and we would sometimes bring our work there and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the city while working on our campaigns. While there, Ian Fernando and I actually filmed a Q&A for affiliates that had questions about how to improve their campaigns. Check it out the video below and the transcript on Ian’s blog:

Following our stay in Medellin, we all headed over to Cartagena, a coastal city of Colombia, for about a week. There was a huge electronic dance music concert called SummerLand going on featuring Dash Berlin, Armin van Beuren, Avicii, and a whole host of other really awesome internationally known DJs. We figured it’d be a great way to bring in 2014 and end our trip and it was. We all had a blast and who could complain about ringing in the new year in nice 85 degree weather? Of course this didn’t make a lot of my northeast friends happy :)


After Cartagena, I returned back to Colombia for about a week before flying straight to Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2014. Well not really straight there considering the initial delay which resulted in having to take a multi-connection flight, but in the end I made it to Vegas, which was a good thing considering I was speaking there on a panel regarding Affiliate Marketing Strategies on Facebook with Ian and Jj Alan.


The session actually went really well and according to the post-conference feedback as well as attendees coming up to us after our session, people really enjoyed our session and learned a lot. It was a really great experience to have been able to field questions from such an intelligent audience and help provide them with strategies that they could use to better their businesses. It was odd and humbling at the same time to be the speaker being approached after the session and everyone trying to get a minute to ask their question. I hope I was able to help a lot of people and I definitely think I’ll be speaking again at some event in the future. Also, a big thanks to Shawn and Missy for giving us the opportunity to speak!

Another reason I was glad to have made it to Vegas was that I was hosting my first dinner at the STK Steakhouse in the Cosmo. Profit Kings Media was gracious enough to sponsor the dinner and it turned out to be really beneficial to everyone there. This was a very private dinner and only a few of some of the brightest affiliate and marketing minds I know were invited. I wanted to keep it small so that it didn’t become so big to the point where it wasn’t personal anymore. I got a lot of great feedback from the dinner and it actually spurred a lot of new business relationships following the Summit. Yousif Yalda, owner of Profit Kings Media, and his awesome team were key to making it happen and they did a great job of making it an awesome dinner. If you’ve never worked with Yousif before, I highly suggest you reach out to him. I was one of his first affiliates and he’s made many more affiliates after me rich, so that tells you something.

Here are a few pictures from the dinner:

affiliate summit dinner


photo (17)

photo (19)

photo (18)

Once again, thanks to everyone that came out to dinner! It was great having everyone.

I’m pretty glad I went out to Vegas to attend ASW as truth be told I was kind of on the fence being all the way in Colombia enjoying 75 degree weather. Truth is every time I go out to a show I always gain at least one piece of knowledge, or one new relationship, that helps me grow my business not to mention the motivation it provides to hustle when you get back. It’s also always fun to see friends again that you haven’t seen in a while – it’s almost become a reunion of sorts for me which is awesome.

Now I’m back in NYC grinding out the rest of this winter and blocking out any distractions as I’m focused on growing my company. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much. Nonetheless, I have a lot of hopes for this year and new projects down the pipeline. I’m excited to see what the new year brings and looking forward to being at the next show in New York!

As a side note, I’ll be re-releasing the Rogue Affiliate System soon after adding new content to it. If there’s anything specific you guys want me to cover in there, let me know!

Thanks for reading and continuing to read. It’s always great to meet readers face to face when I travel or go to a show and I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read and comment. More frequent posts to follow!

– Rohail


ASE 2013 Philly – The Good, The Bad, and The NSFW

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

photo (7)


Well that’s another successful Affiliate Summit in the books. I just got back from Philly and it was certainly unlike any other show they’ve had before.

First off, with the location being Philadelphia for the first time for everyone, things were a bit different than everyone was used to – which is cool by me because I think Affiliate Summit should change locations up once in a while. The show took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, which I liked a lot because the place was huge. The only downside was there was no hotel bar to link up and have quick meetings like we’re used to at the Hilton and it was a bit of a far walk to get to one’s room if you wanted to take a break from the show for a bit.

As for the city itself, Philadelphia is of course a city rich with history and great architecture especially in Center City where the show was taking place. It was great to see a lot of attendees take advantage of being in the area to check out things like the Rocky Steps, grabbing a delicious cheesesteak from one of the original restaurants, or checking out a Phillies game. With that said, Philly is not one of those cities that is accustomed to the late night after-after-parties that often take place at Affiliate Summit and especially not on Sunday-Tuesday nights with most places closing at 2am. Nonetheless, the parties that did go down on Monday night were actually pretty good with Havana Brown at the Affiliate Nation party at Lit, Busta Rhymes and Evander Holyfield at Affiliate Ball, and the private 50 on Red and Leadnomics party at Rumor.

Sunday – 

I got in pretty late Sunday, but was able to catch the after-show events such as the STM / F5 Meetup which went down at the Raw Sushi Lounge. The crowd was cool with affiliates gathering from mostly the northeast it seemed like. I noticed a lot of people there were very new affiliates. I remember having to explain to one of them who Wes Mahler was and what Tracking202 was because although he was an affiliate, he never had used or heard of 202. Wow now that made me feel like an old-timer in this industry lol. Following the meet up, myself and a few other affiliates along with the Glispa team decided to grab some dinner at The Corner, which is known for their awesome truffled grilled cheese and it was truly good. After hearing that the Share-a-sale party and Badger Ball were really packed, we decided to venture out on the town and found an interesting spot on 20th and Ranstead before we headed off to The Bru at the end of the night which is where we found a lot of other Affiliate Summit attendees. Overall it was a good first night, and I was definitely ready to call it a night.


Monday –

I hit the exhibit hall right after grabbing a meal with some of my Jersey affiliate people at Reading Terminal Market. The lines at the famous cheesesteak places were absolutely ridiculous so we opted for the next best thing – gyros. Following that, we headed off to the floor which was interesting to see as it was all in one giant room as opposed to the three floor set up we’re used to in NYC. It was nice to not have to take escalators up and down to see different booths and definitely one of the advantages of being at the PA Convention Center. I explored the floor and caught up with old friends and made some new important contacts. There were a lot of mobile focused companies there, more advertisers than usual, and a lot of white-label and product fulfillment companies as well.








Following the show, it was time to attend one of my good friends’ dinner. He graciously decided to host a dinner for all his friends in the affiliate industry at Maggiono’s to show his thanks for all the support he’s received from the people around him that’s enabled him to make more money in a year than he’s ever made before. This good friend’s name is JJ Alan and he’s truly one of those rare good friends because they never take anything for granted and are selfless as well as able to show their gratitude. The dinner was absolutely amazing from everything from the appetizers to the main course to the desserts, but the company was even better. Thanks JJ and here’s hoping to your continued success!






Monday night is party night of course and there was a pretty big lineup. We started off the night at Lit for the Affiliate Nation party sponsored by ClickBooth, CPAWay, and MaxBounty. The music was actually really good here, it wasn’t super packed to the point of being uncomfortable, and there was plenty of eye candy as you can see below.








Following that, we rushed it to Affiliate Ball at Whisper to catch Busta Rhymes perform and little did I know Evander Holyfield was also there! Whisper was absolutely packed and it was crazy hot in there, but it was absolutely worth it to see Busta party it up with our industry. I got catch up with my friends at XRevMedia and Greg Davis and got a nice view of the show at their table.


As soon as Busta Rhymes was done performing and chugging down a whole bottle of Patron, we headed to Rumor to catch the end of the 50onRed, Fluent, and Leadnomics party. The venue was actually really nice and felt way more personal. I ran into a contact I had met back in Amsterdam two years ago and it was amazing how he had grown his business. We talked about how we can work together and I ran into some other people I knew. Before you knew it, the party was ending and it was time to find some grub – but not before dealing with the Philly police who decided to block off the street for some reason causing people to just flood the street. When they finally kicked everyone out, we ventured next door to a burger spot open til 3am and from there called it a night. There you go – cops and 3am burger runs – that’s what affiliates taking over Philly does lol.


Tuesday –


I hit the floor one more time to check out some of the booths I missed earlier and was actually able to get a decent amount of potential future business done. I talked to a few suppliers to see how they could help get me a better deal for my own diet offer, which I have just opened up to select affiliates. I’ve already sold out of my first batch of product and have just had a re-order come in and am ready to scale, so as a side note if you’re a serious affiliate with good traffic, let’s see if we can work together.


Overall it was an awesome Affiliate Summit East and I’m really glad I came out even though it was on the tail end of a month and half long travel period. I made a few solid connections and picked up a few golden nuggets and that’s all you really need to make your trip worth it and with Affiliate Summit it always is for me. Every time I have gone to the show, it’s always spurred my business whether it be from one contact, one conversation, or one new idea – it can truly change and exponentially grow your business. I’ve met so many affiliates that have for years missed out on the show because they didn’t feel like they needed it, but then when they did come out one year all of a sudden their whole mindset and progression changes. As independent of a business as affiliate marketing is, it still relies on people at the end of the day whether it be with your affiliate manger, advertising network reps, or your customers and the best way to really understand and grow in this business is to connect with them face-to-face at events like Affiliate Summit. Go ahead and pre-register for Affiliate Summit West if you haven’t done so already and get your discounted pass – it will be here before you know it!

Affiliate Summit East 2012 Recap

Friday, August 17th, 2012

I have to say – what a show this year. It was honestly the busiest, most fun, and most productive Affiliate Summit I’ve ever been to. I picked up a lot of great info along with a ton of motivation as always even though this is something like my 6th or 7th summit. I thing going out to Affiliate Summit always pays for itself in the knowledge and connections you bring back and if you’re in this game you should seriously not miss a single one if you can make it.

I’ll start off with some observations. There were plenty of familiar faces around this year, but I also noticed a lot of affiliates I met at past shows no longer there. At the same time, I ran into affiliates that I met four years ago who are now advertisers themselves. Just goes to show you the changing landscape of the industry and how it’s continually evolving along with the affiliates in it. It was awesome to see them still kicking ass and growing as entrepreneurs.

Day One:

Sunday kicked off the show with the meet market and the first set of sessions. As always, the meet market was busy and I got to see a bunch of familiar faces. I caught Alex Tsatkin’s session on the five mistakes to avoid in mobile marketing for which you can get the slides for on his blog here. I also checked out the Optimize WordPress for Speed and Conversions with a friend and it had some excellent tidbits on how to improve your page load time even if you’re not using WordPress.

Sunday night was the Badger Web Assets aka EWA party at the Hudson Terrace. Everybody that went thought it was a great party and I would agree – you can’t complain about the view and the company wasn’t bad either :) It was nice to have a single party on a single night so that everyone wasn’t scattered around and hopping from place to place, which is what happened on Monday night.

Day Two:

Monday it was time for serious business. The exhibits opened up and after walking the floor and talking to some of my AMs on the floor, I headed out to my meetings for the day. Towards the end of the day I checked out the Cover Your Ass(ets): Online Advertising Compliance Update to get the latest on the legal landscape and how it’s affecting our industry. This was definitely one session not to miss even if you don’t promote the typical offers that tend to get affiliates in trouble.

After hitting the show, it was time for Ian Fernando’s IANteract dinner hosted by NDemand Affiliates. This time it was at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse with a five-course meal. Everybody got the New York strip of course and the dessert was amazing. NDemand also hooked everybody at the dinner up with a pair of Coach and DG sunglasses which was awesome of them. Ian’s dinners are always fun and a great opportunity to meet other successful people in the business.

Monday night was when all the big parties went down. There was the Clickbooth party at Hudson Terrace featuring Juvenile, which I hit up just as it was getting started. Next I ended up at Affiliate Ball at the Cocacobana featuring Mix Master Mike, Ice-T, and Coco. Honestly, this event could have been much better. I wish I skipped affiliate ball and headed straight to the A4D / Engage BDR party at The Griffin which is where I ended my night after being the last person allowed into the party before they shut off the line. It was in fact crazy inside and all the big names in the industry were there. Definitely was not a party to miss.

Day Three:

The final day of Affiliate Summit. By this time everyone is pretty worn out from being out super late the night before and I almost forgot I had a meeting which I just made. Note to self: Don’t make meetings on the last day of the show :) I checked out the exhibit floor one last time and caught up with a few more affiliate managers of mine as well as a few advertisers and traffic source reps. Following that I got to attend the Yankees game with Convert2Media and of course we rode there in a groovy limo called the Heartbreaker. After the game, everybody went back to the hotel to get ready to go out of another night and C2M made it a very memorable night at Kiss & Fly.

I’d like to thank Shawn and Missy for once again putting together a successful show. Affiliate Summit continues to be a must-attend conference and this year was no different. If you didn’t make it this year, make sure you don’t miss out on Affiliate Summit West in Vegas – early bird passes are already up for sale so get them while you can!

To everyone I saw at the show, it was great seeing you. Thanks for the continued support from my readers and fellow affiliates / industry folks. See everybody in Vegas!









Affiliate Summit East 2012 Pass Giveaway

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I can’t believe it, but we’re already just two months away from Affiliate Summit East 2012. I have a feeling that this is going to be the biggest Affiliate Summit ever and I’m pretty excited about it (especially since I can walk over to the Hilton this year :) )

If you’ve never been to Affiliate Summit or have been wanting to go, but didn’t have the extra cash to spare, you’re in luck. I’m giving away one Networking Plus pass (formerly known as a Gold pass) to a lucky reader.

All you have to do to qualify to be in the running is to tweet the following: @RohailR is giving away a pass to Affiliate Summit East 2012! Follow him and RT for your chance to win.

Another way to enter is to Facebook like this post as well as my Facebook fan page. All new likes on my fan page will be entered into the contest. Limited to one tweet and one fan page “Like” per contestant as entries. One winner will be selected at random on 6/21, exactly a week from now.

Important: If you are selected as the winner, you must attend the conference as the pass is non-transferable and cannot be resold because it will have your name on it. In addition, if the show sells out the code to get a free pass will become invalid. Finally, anybody registering for a complimentary pass who neither checks in at the conference or cancels will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.

Affiliate Summit East 2012 is surely going to be one not to miss. The connections and opportunities I’ve been able to gather from attending Affiliate Summit have been priceless throughout the years and the quality of the show only continues to impress further. If you’ve never been out to a show, I highly suggest you check it out this summer. There is still plenty of time to book a flight and hotel. Or drive, walk, swim..(okay maybe not swim) do whatever it takes (safely) to get to the show this year if you’re serious about your business. Here’s what’s in store for Affiliate Summit East 2012 – Agenda. Check it out and remember to tweet this post and tag me (@rohailr) and like my fan page.

Affiliate Summit Central 2012 Recap

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Andd we’re finally back from Austin, TX, host city of the first ever Affiliate Summit Central. All in all, it was a pretty great time. I had been there since Wednesday of last week after flying in with a couple other NJ affiliates, Ian Fernando and Gabriel Cano. By the time Monday rolled around, we were ready to get back to business after taking the time to explore Austin and an impromptu trip to Houston (we grabbed a sweet electric blue stang to get up there). Here’s a run down of the show:

Monday was the Internet Marketing Party followed by the Affiliate Summit Pre-Party at Maggie Mae’s. The place got packed by the time all the Affiliate Summit guests arrived later in the evening and it was a great crowd. We had live music going and brisket and BBQ to go with it. The night continued until we unfortunately got hit with some more rain (and Austin never gets rain, we got it 3 times!), but that didn’t stop us from continuing the party.

Tuesday was the first official day of Affiliate Summit Central and was hosted at the downtown Hilton. This show was capped to 500 people and so was smaller than your typical East and West shows. I felt like this set up definitely created a kind of more personal atmosphere at the show and allowed me to really engage with people I might do business with. It didn’t feel as rushed as the other shows and there weren’t a bunch of people trying to approach you at the same time as soon as they saw “Affiliate” written on your pass. The Meet Market took center stage at the show, which was smaller this time around as well and there wasn’t an exhibit set up with giant booths like other Summits. I liked that there were tables set up in between the two rows of booths on either side because it allowed you to kind of sit down and grab a drink or bite to eat with others at the show or someone you met at the booth. It was definitely a more slow-paced, relaxed atmosphere. Call it southern hospitality if you will.

There was a good number of affiliates and networks that came out to the show as well such as NeverBlue, Ads4Dough, RevenueWire, RevenueAds, and Clickbooth as well as others. I also ran into a few more affiliates that I knew at the show. After checking out the Meet Market, I attended a few sessions – one on how to turn your customers into affiliates as well as AffPlaybook – Affiliate Strategies for 2012 in addition to a couple others. There was a wide variety of sessions, some for beginners and some for the advanced. I decided to attend a few that catered to advertisers because I wanted to know what they thought about affiliates and how they viewed their own businesses. Overall, there was a wide variety of topics covered in all the sessions, but I noticed they weren’t being recorded this time (at least from what I saw). I hope they were though because I know I wanted to attend other sessions that I couldn’t make at the same time as other ones.

After day one of the show, NeverBlue took me and Gabriel out to dinner at this awesome Italian restaurant right by the Hilton called Carmelo’s. The food was delicious and they even had a live accordionist. I got to talk a lot with NeverBlue about all the recent hype and smear in the affiliate world about bankruptcies and other networks closing down and we kind of had a heart to heart about what kind of stuff I had been hearing other affiliates say about NeverBlue’s position as a network as well as where they were headed as a company. I have to say that after talking with them, even though I was fairly positive to begin with, I have no doubt that they will be alright and even more than alright. They are still growing rapidly and profitably as well continuing to open offices internationally. They hooked me up with a little insider info about their restructuring and I have no qualms that they are safe to work with. NeverBlue did not get involved with a lot of the shady offers and advertisers that took down a lot of other networks and it’s precisely why they’re still around and profitable today. It goes to show that they have their head in the right place and are a network that’s not in it for the short haul.

Ted and the team from Engage BDR were also representing and they along with Ads4Dough hosted one of the Affiliate Summit after parties at Haven down in the warehouse district. The party got crowded pretty early on and it was a great open venue for people to mingle and people watch at the same time from the rooftop. Towards the end of the night a few people ended up bouncing to 6th Street and checking out the scene before calling it a night. I have some great footage of us taking a pedicab to find a burrito truck and back to our hotel lol.

We had our flight back changed on us to an earlier one so we unfortunately couldn’t make the show on Wednesday from 9am-12pm, so we were off to the airport after a good week in Austin. I would say Affiliate Summit Central was a great opportunity to network and build relationships because of it’s more laid back and personal atmosphere. There were a lot of advertisers present at the show and so I would say it’d be beneficial for any affiliates looking to work with both networks as well as directly with advertisers to come check out the show. I hope more affiliates have the opportunity to grab a pass for next year and along with that I hope the show grows into something consistent that all sides of the business are able to attend. I am not sure if the cap will be raised for the next show, but I hope it is so others can take advantage as well. For the first show in Austin, I think Shawn Collins and Missy Ward did an excellent job and I’m looking forward to it becoming a mainstay show.








Affiliate Summit Central

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

This post is coming at you from Austin, TX. I’m here for the first ever Affiliate Central Summit, which officially starts on Tuesday, May 15th. This Summit is going to be a little different than East and West in that it’s capped to a few hundred people and lasting a day and a half. The event already sold out weeks ago and pretty much every affiliate network I’ve heard of is coming out to Austin.

I think the fact that it is purposefully smaller will make it easier to really connect with other people in the industry where synergies may lie. From what I know, this show is really going to be a test bed for new ideas and structured a little differently. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new with Affiliate Summit Central.

I’m here a little early as I wanted to check out what Austin was like. I’ve heard great things about the city from it’s food to it’s entertainment as well as it being a nice city for people in their 20’s. So far we’ve unfortunately been hit with a bit of rain, but hopefully 6th street will do us right tonight.

If you missed out on signing up for Affiliate Central Summit this year, make sure you make it out for the next one. Also, early bird pricing for Affiliate Summit East ends today so if you haven’t signed up yet, go do that now!

AdTech NYC 2011 Recap

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Just got back from AdTech yesterday and it was definitely a great show. Here’s the recap:

Tuesday was kind of the set up day for the booths so I skipped the exhibition floor and went to the Limelight CRM party at Kiss & Fly. The event was really laid back and the atmosphere allowed actual business and deals to get talked about as opposed to your usual run of the mill industry club event where you can’t really even hear each other talk. There were a lot of big advertisers in the room and it was interesting to meet guys that went from affiliate to owning their own offer. I also got to talk with Rich Gorman from (who runs a great blog, by the way) as well as Steve from SiteScout, a great place to start buying media if you haven’t heard about them already. Overall this party was probably one of the smallest yet most productive one I’ve been to at any industry event in recent memory. Following that I headed over to the XRevMedia dinner where I was joined with Kris Trujillo (CEO of XRevMedia), Ian, Gabe, Morgan Thomas, and others. The dinner was a great time and Kris and his team definitely treated us well. I called it an early night after that and definitely was in food coma mode after that dessert.

XRevMedia dinner

XRevMedia dinner


On Wednesday, I hit the floor around mid-day and covered a few meetings. The exhibition floor was, as always, huge at adTech and there were a ridiculous number of booths. I must have wandered through around four times and still managed to miss a few booths. It was cool to see so many different traffic sources – I just wished they organized all of them in one area separate from all the other kind of business that were exhibiting. It would just make it a lot easier to know who you want to talk to as opposed to starting up small chat with a company and then realizing they have nothing they could offer your business. All in all the floor was great with a variety of traffic sources and a bunch of really stand out booths (Google probably had the best one to be honest).

I caught a couple keynotes one being with Walter Isaacson, the author of the Steve Jobs biography. He relayed a lot of what it was like to be Steve Jobs’ biographer and it was interesting to get that insight in addition to a lot of the valuable business lessons he was able to pass on. One of the things he said was that Steve Jobs hated the word ‘entrepreneur.’ He thought entrepreneurs were just in it for the quick buck wanting to create something and then sell it off. What he really appreciated was someone who would build a real, lasting company. To him, being an entrepreneur was equivalent to that of being a street hustler. It was building an empire and a corporation that drove him. The final keynote featured a presentation from Christian Oestlien of Google on how Google+ can be used to get closer to your customers. It was basically a sales pitch for the newly released Google+ pages for business, but it was interesting to see what they thought their angle was in the social networking game and how concerned they were about their competition (to which of course they said they weren’t competing in the same space as anyone else and their goals are different…yeah right lol).

Following the floor I headed off to dinner with everybody at China Grill, which was hosted by the guys at If you haven’t heard of WhatRunsWhere, it’s quite possibly the best tool out there right now to spy on media buy campaigns. It provides you with creatives as well as placement details and they’re offering a seven day trial right now for just $1. Definitely worth checking out. Max was really cool and we had a good group of guys amongst us, but apparently not enough to finish all the food we got which was A LOT. It was great food with a family-style concept on an Asian fusion menu.

After dinner it was time to hit up all the industry parties. I was pretty beat, however, and decided to just hit up the Xposure 2011 party hosted by Adscend Media and CPAWay. It was at the Terminal 5 club which was an enormous venue and featured Mike Posner, Slick Rick, and Naughty by Nature. Adscend Media hooked me up with a spot in VIP and I got to catch the show from right behind the DJ booth which was cool. Mike Posner and the rest of the acts killed it on stage and it was definitely the best NYC industry party I’ve been to and a great way to end the show.

Xposure Party 2011

Xposure Party 2011

Now it’s time to get to work, but I thought I’d offer a little recap on the event. It was also cool to meet new affiliates and some of the younger bloggers out there too such as Dino Vedo and Dan Palunchuk.

See everybody at the next one (which won’t be for a while for me :P)

Yes, I’m Alive

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Definitely been a minute since I’ve put out an update. Not that a lot hasn’t been going on. I just don’t like posting when I’m not making money. And by the lack of posts and income reports you can tell it’s been a rough few months!

A part of that is because I was travelling most of August. After hitting up Chicago, I headed to Amsterdam for the Adsimilis meetup, where I spoke on the Facebook marketing panel, which was pretty awesome. Following that, I decided to backpack around Europe for three weeks and explore Berlin, Prague, and London. It was definitely a wild and interesting experience at the same time. It was kind of cool to just rough it and backpack my way through Europe and meet people from all over the world along the way as I chose to stay in (quality) hostels and not splurge on four star hotels everywhere I went. Let me just say that hosteling it is definitely the better option if you want to meet other backpackers and not feel so isolated because of the cultural barriers. Most backpackers were from Australia, Canada, and around Europe. I didn’t meet too many Americans in my travels…not even in London, which I thought was strange. Some pictures from the Adsimilis meetup:

Rohail Rizvi and Sean Mulkeen

Sean Mulkeen and I

Anyway, following my little europtrip I flew straight to NYC for Affiliate Summit arriving on Sunday evening. The conference, although a bit shorter for me this time, was definitely a good one. This was the biggest Affiliate Summit to date with almost 4,000 attendees. I got to meet up with affiliates I knew and talk business with some of my favorite networks. Also hit up the main parties hosted by MundoMedia, Clickbooth, and EngageBDR. I did miss out on Affiliate Ball though as it was too late, but I heard it was a blast.

After taking a few days to recover after my more than month of constant traveling, I got back to work with all that I’d learned from Chicago, the Adsimilis meetup, and ASE. These conferences and meetups are just so vital to your growth as an affiliate, there’s no reason not to go. The only reason would be that you’re traveling too much and working too little, which I sort of felt like. I told myself there would be no more traveling or conferences until I have another few profitable campaigns. Well I hope that’s the case by November 18th, because I’m flying out to the Puerto Rico meetup courtesy of NDemand Affiliates. This meetup by the way is looking to be pretty awesome as I’ve mentioned before. Mike has got the whole thing planned out, and it’s looking to be an epic weekend. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, go do that now here.

As for my campaigns, I’m definitely putting in work these days. Trying all kinds of traffic sources and offers from mobile to adult to pop unders. The hardest part is to just focus on one campaign to make it profitable instead of jumping from one thing to the next. So far I’ve dumped a lot of money into testing without results either due to low quality traffic sources or just not testing enough. It’s hard to know which it is sometimes and even tougher when people are touting traffic sources they’ve never even used. Hoping to find some winners in the next few weeks though. I am really putting in work and just want to take it to the next level now. The affiliate space has gotten tougher this year for sure, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still opportunities. If I can’t make it big by the end of this year, I quit affiliate marketing. Let’s see what happens.



ASE 2011 Platinum Pass Giveaway

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

So word on the street is there are a lot of people still looking to get a pass for upcoming Affiliate Summit East NYC in just a few weeks. If you don’t already know, Affiliate Summit is the conference you should be attending if you’re an affiliate. It’s worth more than the price you pay in terms of who you get to meet and what you learn at Summit. Well if you still don’t have a pass or are short a few dollars for this year’s ASE, you’re in luck. Keep reading to find out why.

Over the course of my trip to Chicago I got to hang out out with Jason Rubacky from ShareASale. I got the chance to check out the Sharesale office which was pretty cool. The atmosphere was almost indescribable. Everyone was really focused on their work, but it didn’t seem like a stuffy corporate environment by any means. The office was huge and had tons of cool stuff including a ping pong room and a stack of angry birds plush toys for playing a live game. Check out these pics for measure of my visit to ShareASale headquarters:

Jason Rubacky and Rohail Rizvi at ShareASale

Jason and I at ShareASale

Ping Pong table at ShareASale

Check out the ping pong table!

ShareASale office

Comfy seating for letting the ideas flow

ShareASale Awards

Look at all those awards!

I had a great time checking out the offices at ShareASale and an even better time getting to know more about the CPS side of affiliate marketing. There is truly a ton of potential if you know what you’re doing and these guys are seriously good about helping their affiliates succeed. I learned a whole lot just by spending a couple hours with Jason about SEO and how to make serious money with CPS. I’m looking forward to what kind of business we can set up with the holiday season approaching, and I’m recommending you do the same. Go check out ShareASale right now!

Also check out Jason’s blog here it’s got some seriously cool stuff. If you’re wondering what it’s about, it’s right on the about page!  I also gotta give a big shout out to him and ShareASale for being able to put this giveaway together. A Platinum pass will get you pretty much everywhere you need to go at ASE and it’s really cool that he and the rest of the team have been able to put this together.

SO, by now you’re probably wondering how do I get my Platinum pass to Affiliate Summit. Well here it is:

All you have to do for a chance to win the pass is:

  1. Follow @rohailr on twitter.
  2. Simply tweet “Just entered to win a Platinum Pass to Affiliate Summit East!  Just follow @RohailR and retweet to enter #ASE11PlatPass”
That’s it! I will pick a winner at random out of all the retweets at midnight on the 12th, so the winner still has enough time to book a hotel. So what are you waiting for? Start tweeting now! Oh and again, big thanks to Jason and ShareASale for sponsoring the Platinum Pass for the winner!
P.S. Liking my fan page will also not hurt your chances!
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