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Earn $358 per Sale Using 1 Simple Trick

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Disclaimer: Although the following Shopify Affiliate Program review is comprised of my own thoughts and opinions, I am being compensated to write this post. Any earnings claims made do not depict typical results. Earnings results are dependent on the individual efforts of the program participant. I am not being compensated for any individual signups made using the links in this post.


Shopify Affiliate Program

A lot of affiliates I know personally only promote one type of offer and that is CPA offers. What they don’t know or are ignorant to the fact of is that there is a massive amount of money to be made promoting solid CPS offers. Think about it – you have a much bigger margin to test your offers on since they payouts are generally much higher. In addition, a lot of times CPS offers actually get you a better EPC than CPA offers, which is awesome because you can scale that sucker out and generate huge amounts of revenue as an affiliate and you don’t have to worry about quality because you already produced the sale! One of these CPS offers that I think a lot of affiliates are missing out on by not promoting is Shopify, the leader in eCommerce allowing small to medium size businesses around the world launch their online stores.

Shopify essentially allows anybody, even with basic computer knowledge, to set up their own Internet e-commerce quickly and easily. There are so many mom-and-pop businesses out there as well as larger retain business who just aren’t selling online right now because they don’t know how. Shopify makes this super easy by allowing business owners to quickly set up an online store (and we’re not talking cookie cutter, drab online stores circa 1998 here either). These stores can be fully customized using an easy-to-use theme editor which is WYSIWYG so anybody can use it with ease. Business owners can also create their own website template and no HTML or CSS is off-limits. Furthermore, business owners can always hire Shopify Experts to create their online store for them and still take advantage of all the features it offers such as unlimited hosting, 24/7 customer support, SEO, and a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart.


It’s really a no-brainer to be honest. Think about the rate at which e-commerce (including mobile) is exploding. We are projected to go from $230 billion this year to $249 billion in 2014. That’s billion with a “B!” Pretty soon, it won’t be the mom-and-pop corner shops that are going to be the norm…it is going to be the mom-and-pop online stores selling very niche items that can easily be sold anywhere in the world using the power of the Internet and Shopify. So it makes sense to promote something that provides real value to the millions and millions of sellers that have yet to come on board to online selling or are looking for a way to. Business owners want a customized experience for their customers and control, which unlike Amazon, something like Shopify is able to do and do very well.

Here are just some of the reasons why Shopify’s affiliate program kicks ass:

  •  It’s an unsaturated affiliate program and market meaning there is a ton of opportunity here.
  • Shopify is a very well known brand in the e-commerce space.
  • All traffic sources are accepted.
  • They provide two commission options: 20% lifetime revenue share on all customers or 200% of the customer’s first bill. Per sale commission varies depending on which plan customer chooses but can be up to $358 per sale.
  • Commissions can increase depending on volume.
  • Affiliates are provided promotional resources such as banners, logos and blog content to make your affiliate marketing easy.
  • Shopify keeps your business running smoothly with timely payouts.
  • Your dashboard lets you easily see exactly how much money you’re making, when your next payment is, and how many clicks you’ve generated. The dashboard also lets you manage all of your affiliate shops from one convenient page.
  • Shopify affiliates have some of the highest conversion rates in our industry.

The most awesome part about the Shopify Affiliate Program is that business owners can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Shopify and you still get paid when they upgrade at the end of that 14 days. It’s like promoting a rebill except the product actually works, it has a much higher payout, and the customer wants it! In addition, you won’t have any problem promoting Shopify on Facebook Ads or Google AdWords (that’s right – no cloaking necessary – how’s that for something new?)

Here are some screenshots from inside the Affiliate Dashboard:


As you can see, everything is very seamless and easy to read with all the important details you want to know right there when you log in.

Below is the Affiliate tab of the Shopify Partner dashboard where you can keep track of any affiliate referrals you have sent to Shopify which allow you to earn even more.


Overall, the dashboard is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is grab your link, start promoting, and watch the numbers go up in your account.

All in all, as a serious affiliate you should seriously not be missing out on the opportunity to promote such a branded and quality offer. This isn’t one of those offers that are just going to disappear like several of the fly-by-night CPA affiliates are used to. Shopify is global, here to stay, and serious about treating their affiliates well in an effort to further grow the business. As always, they only make money when you make money, and to be honest I haven’t seen a lot of well-branded companies come forward and put as much effort into their affiliate program as Shopify has. I highly recommend you check them out if you’re serious about running long-term campaigns for quality products as a professional affiliate marketer.

Some interesting facts about Shopify:

  • Story: founded in 2005 as a snowboard company (
  • Today Shopify supports 50,000+ active online shops (adding 2,000+ new customers a month)
  • Customers in 108 countries
  • In 2012 Shopify shops processed 9.9M orders (over $750M in Gross Merchandise Value) –
  • In 2013 Shopify’s shops are projected to sell over $1.5B in Gross Merchandise Value (!)
  • 98% of their merchants self identify as SMB’s or entrepreneurs
  • Top 3 product categories include: fashion and apparel, electronics and accessories, and home & garden
  • App store: over 280 integrations
  • Theme store: over 120 themes


How I Lost $15,000 in a Week

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Now losses are part of them game and I understand that as much as any seasoned vet in this game. However, there are losses and then there’s getting straight up misled and burnt which is what happened to me after I decided to run a managed media buy with a traffic source that you guys have all probably heard of after I talked to them at ad:tech London. I won’t mention their name and I don’t have anything personal against these guys – I just don’t like the way my business interaction happened with them. Now if it was just me that got burnt by these guys, I would move on and not post about it as this happened back in September, but after going to ASW and speaking to guys online, it’s pretty clear in my view that I’m not the only one that got burnt and hence I’m making this post to prevent any others from getting into the same situation.

These guys weren’t just some random company I decided to run traffic with. I’ve known these guys for a couple of years now and even had a close friend who regularly bought traffic from them. They (up until recently) always threw a huge party as ASW / ASE / ad:tech. I figured since I’ve known this guys for a while and they have a good rep in the industry, I was working with guys that I could trust.

In fact when I spoke with my future rep at the show in London, he told me that they would “hook me up”.  He also said that at worst I would break even and that they would take care of me. They told me they had some awesome placements that were already converting and it would just be plug and play. I should have known better.

I wired over 20k as my initial agreed upon deposit. Slowly things got together and traffic started coming in (there were no live stats, and I had to wait til the end of the day to see how things were performing). Everyday traffic was being run to a single ad instead of impressions being delivered to a variety of them in order to split test which was doing the best.

For days, traffic kept being sent to placements that had a $350 and greater CPA. Money was being spent and fast. I told them to test out different placements and creatives, but all I kept being told was that they’re working on it and that it needs time to optimize. You would think they would turn off a placement that had a $350 acquisition cost when you’re promoting something that garners you way less per sale. Not sure why they didn’t. They told me I was running exactly the same lander and offer that they knew to work (in fact, the offer I ran was through their recommendation, something I should have been wary of for sure).

Finally after my 20k had run out and I had only recovered about 8k of that, they told me sorry it didn’t work out for some reason. I couldn’t believe it, but at this point I really wanted something to work and I kept being promised things by them. They told me they had a Canadian advertiser that just pulled out and was killing it there. Stupidly, I forked over another 5k only to have that campaign completely go down the drain as well. Every time I was ready to pull the plug the campaign would start performing for a bit, and then the next day it would tank. Overall, I lost more than $15,000 with this company after being misled. I should have done more due diligence and been smart to retreat earlier, but the thought of doing my first managed media buy and the potential for a high volume campaign combined with their promises and the fact that I had known these guys for a while really got me. I admit it is my fault for being naive on that front and I am over it, but this is just a cautionary tale for anyone who’s looking to do a managed media buy.

Lesson: Don’t trust anyone else to manage your campaigns no matter what they say they can do for you.

Update: After several commenters saying I should out the company in the interest of the greater good and this post by Shoemoney, I’ve decided to share the name of the company I worked with because I don’t want this happening to anybody else. In hindsight, I should have done this from the get go, but I hesitated because I don’t like getting blood in the water and these guys were people I knew for a while. The company I worked with was Engage:BDR. To their avail, they did recently offer me a $5,000 advertising credit, which I respectfully declined. This was not meant to be an Engage BDR review, but I guess now it is.

Update #2: Engage:BDR is doing the right thing and giving me a $15,000 advertising credit with them to run and test a new campaign. This is something that I think they should definitely be praised for. Most ad networks would not do this and they are going the extra mile in an effort to make things right. I appreciate them for following through and for trying to find a way that we can still work together and for the long-term. They explicitly said that this credit is not just to put them in a better light – they are determined to show me that they are a company worth working with and I believe they will succeed in doing that. I look forward to working with them again seeing what can be done with this credit and act of good faith. Will let everyone know how it goes.

Legal Disclaimer: Anything said in this post about this company is based on my experience and is a statement of my opinion, and is not being depicted as a statement of absolute fact.

Profit Kings Media Review

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

 Profit Kings Media

Most of you have heard of Profit Kings Media and I’ve been working with them ever since the network’s inception. I wanted to write about them to give you the real deal based on my experience on what’s good about PKM as there is so much mud slinging in this industry it’s hard to get the truth about a network’s quality. Well I’m here to say that PKM is a big reason I was able to become a successful affiliate.

PKM has been managed by a relatively light crew and that means way lower head, which means higher payouts for affiliates. Almost every time I look to compare offers amongst different networks, 90% of the time PKM already has the highest payout set and if they don’t they bump it up to match or beat it without a problem. No need to beg for a pay bump to get the highest payout before you start testing. It’s also not just about the payout as you know. I’ve split tested many offers with them and other networks, and I’ve consistently seen higher EPCs on PKM. I guess you know what that means some of these other networks are doing.

I’ve also never had a late payment from PKM and they always pay me – whether I ran a chump change amount of traffic for the week or thousands of dollars worth – I always see it in my account on payday. Not a lot of networks can say this. In addition, PKM has direct advertiser relationships with the majority of their offers and if they don’t have an offer you want to run they can always get it for you in a very short time.

One of my favorite things about working with PKM has always been the rewards program. It’s always fun to hit a new record level of revenue and get a progressively cooler gift each time. I remember when I got my first iPad from PKM when I hit my first high level of revenue early in affiliate career – and it doesn’t stop there. You can even win a Benz if you’re good enough. However, the goals aren’t unreachable at all and it’s highly motivating to get a reward every month for doing well.

Brand new Sennheiser Headphones

Brand new Sennheiser Headphones from PKM

If you’re not running with Profit Kings Media already, I really suggest you check them out. Yousif Yalda, owner of Profit Kings Media, is always helpful and lets you know what’s working and what’s not. I’ve gone to him several times when I’ve been looking for new campaigns to run and he’s always hooked me up with good info and offers. If you’re serious about affiliate marketing and having access to offers that convert well along with expert guidance, then you owe it to yourself to check out Profit Kings Media.

Offer Snitch Review – Good or Bad?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about a new service called Offer Snitch, put together by Ian Fernando.

Actually the service has stirred up quite a controversy. The reason for this is because Offer Snitch monitors tracking links and watches for changes while immediately notifying the user of any changes in the landing page or the hop sequence of the offer. A lot of networks I’ve spoken to have wondered why a service hasn’t existed like this before and are kind of like it’s a no brainer. Affiliates have been sharing the same sentiment – and trust me they should be if they’ve experienced multiple situations like I have where the offer goes down or the offer page gets changed with more ominous terms and conditions causing me to lose lots of money.

From what I’ve been hearing now is that affiliates are refusing to work with networks until they’ve implemented Offer Snitch in their backend. This is a serious demand and networks have begun to listen. It’s already signed up five major networks to use their services and continues to grow. However, if you’re an affiliate you don’t have to wait to start monitoring your links independently. Here’s what the backend of Offer Snitch looks like and how easy it is to set it up.



Here’s the main dashboard where you can view all the links you are monitor. To add a tracking link to monitor, you simply click on +Add Link.


Following that, you simply enter your campaign name and tracking link and select how often you want Offer Snitch to check your link as well as which changes you want to be notified about. After you’ve done all that, just hit “Edit Link” and you’re all set.

It really is as simple as that. Have you checked out Offer Snitch yet? If not, right now you can get a free 100MB trial account. After having lost on campaigns repeatedly after seeing offers go down without notification, the service really is essential to making sure my campaigns are running smoothly. Protect your links is the best advice I can give to prevent those kinds of losses and that’s what this software lets you do. Click here to check out Offer Snitch now.

LotsofAds Review – Social Ads Spy

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Look into any major forum right now and you’ll see people complaining about how it’s gotten absurdly tough to advertise on certain social networks. Yes it’s true it’s gotten way harder, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. People are still making money advertising on social networks no matter how uptight they get just because they have an IPO coming out. There are more than 1 Billion people to monetize on these social networks. The rules have changed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any more money there.

One of the best tools out there right now to know what’s working is Their intelligence tool has an absolute slew of features and countries in it’s database and it continues to grow. US markets have become extremely saturated now and international is where the easy pickings are. With so many international offers readily available there’s no reason you shouldn’t be attacking those markets especially with the help of a tool like LotsofAds (Use “RR2012” for 10% Off)

Think about how much time you’re currently wasting finding a winning ad. First you sift through the web to find the perfect images. Then you edit those images. Then you painstakingly submit those ads and variations of those ads to split test copy and demographics. All to find out the next morning that your ads were DENIED or worse they just sucked and you have to start from scratch again. Are you really living the dream? Tirelessly working and begging to have your ads approved and testing day in and day out. It sounds worse than a 9-5! You’re literally chained to your computer chair because all the wasted time in testing.

I thought we got into this business for more money AND freedom not a back torturing, arthiritis-inducing experience in front of five blaring monitors. The only way to get rid of the most time consuming part of our business is with two words: competitive intelligence. Steve Jobs said it best- “The best ideas are stolen.” There’s a reason for that- it’s because they work! Now this isn’t to encourage stealing other affiliates works and becoming a copycat affiliate, but more about learning the angles that work. So much of this business comes down to the angle you’re using and if you don’t have one you’re lost. Gone are the days of flinging up generic ads and profiting at a whim. You have to know what works and that’s what LotsofAds lets you do. Now let’s cut to the chase. Here’s how to dominate your competitive research with LotsofAds step-by-step:

Use Coupon Code RR2012 to get 10% Off  of (First 20 people to use it only)

1. Figure out what offers are doing well. This is a no-brainer and you should be doing this anyway. Once you have the offers you want to run here’s what you’re going to do:

Plug in the offer URL into the filter for display URL and you’re shown all the ads in the database being run for that particular offer.

OR get a broad view of all ads being seen by your chosen demographic which can include country, gender, relationship status, and age. You can mix and match this in anyway you want along with a search for the ad display URL, or any particular text in the heading or body (say “dating” for example). You can even search for all ads using a particular image by placing the image url. How sick is that?

2. Plug in the offer URL into the search filter and LotsofAds will literally show you the ads that are being run for that offer in whichever country you choose.

3. Organize your listings by Days Running, Last Seen, Min times seen, and Min Days running.

4. That’s it your competitive research is done for you. Now go make some money!

You literally cut hours upon hours of your research time, which you can instead put towards scaling your campaigns or how about even something not involving a computer! 😛 Jk I’m a workaholic so you’ll probably still find me on here, but it just means I’ll be making more money. LotsofAds is seriously a powerhouse of a tool for any serious marketer. There’s no better tool out there right now for doing competitive research on social network ads. There’s a reason I haven’t named any of those networks here and it’s because in order for it to continue to operate it has to remain pretty underground. It’s not cheap at $499 a month for an All Countries package (although you can get cheaper packages for their US, English, Europe, and Latin packages), but tools like this don’t come around often so if you’re still struggling to make a profit, sign up for LotsofAds today and get 10% off when you use the code RR2012. This code is limited to the first 20 people that use it. Have fun and let me know when you make some bank!


Disclosure: I am not being compensated for writing this post, but I will be compensated if you use my referral discount code as an affiliate. This product does not guarantee you will make money, but it will make it a lot easier.

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