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Okay so the Super Bowl is now a mere distant memory of an onslaught of beer, wings, and pigskin for most of you, but I figured you might get something out of this post anyway.

I launched this campaign about a month ago with interest in the big game spiking and with everyone excited about who would win the Super Bowl – the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers. I don’t care if you’re a sports fan or not, when the Super Bowl is on almost everyone is paying attention so I decided to try and take advantage.

The good thing about this campaign is that I got some seriously sick CTRs and cheap clicks. The bad thing is – well I was unable to find an offer to that worked even with getting clicks as cheap as $0.01 on a demo of more than 2 million people. I must be too old in this industry now because initially I thought I might be able to throw some Super Bowl related email submits up that might rake in 1k profit a day or so for a few days like back in the day and rotate between different offers until they start to scrub. Lo and behold every email submit I tried was clearly scrubbing from the beginning with EPCs of .01 or less. Why do networks even put them out there anymore?

I tried a slew of offers to get this thing to work and got kind of frustrated that I wasn’t being able to monetize such cheap traffic. I tried penny auction offers, email submits, and pin submits. None of which worked. Another option that might have worked would be co-reg and that’s something I’ve never messed with so if you have experience with it you might be able to take this concept and run with it. Here are some of the ads I was running that were able to get me some dirt cheap clicks. (Note: You can click on the images to make them bigger.)




I sent the traffic to a simple poll style lander seen below which generated around a 56% click through rate.



There are so many opportunities for these types of campaigns to work – you just have to be ahead of the curve and have offers on hand that convert. Test quickly and cheaply is the name of the game when it comes to these kinds of campaigns because they don’t last forever, but when they do work you can make a boat load of cash with some pretty insane ROIs.

Hope this post inspired some of you and at least got some wheels turning. Now get out there and make it happen!


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6 Responses to “Facebook Campaign Exposed”

  1. Ctrtard says:

    Maybe you should have collected the emails yourself and mailed them later? Bummer such cheap traffic went to waste. Nice share!

  2. Rohail says:

    Yeah I agree, that would have probably been the better way to go. Definitely a great way to build a list if you’re looking for long term customers in a particular niche.

  3. Adrien says:

    Thanks for your post Rohail!

    I can see that there are some metrics about FB fan pages in your screenshot. So basically you iframe your lander, the voting page, into a FB fan page, right? Coz I am curious if FB will allow email submit offers. Thanks!

  4. hendrix says:

    Nice angle man, shame you find a winner in it! Deer antler might’ve had a way with this, but you never can tell! Yea, don’t waste your time with email submits unless it’s direct/from a GOOD source. (very very few AM’s you can trust) Interesting to see you had no gender/age targeting on this. Maybe you just got unlucky and they threw a load of kid impressions your way. Wish you the best of luck man!

  5. Oleg says:

    First thing that comes to mind is a FREE NFL JERSEY offers. Saw them a while ago in different networks. Not sure if it works, just one more to try)

  6. Rohail says:

    Missed some comments due to a bug in the spam filter.

    @Adrien I don’t iframe my offers to be honest. Usually link directly to them. FB isn’t a fan of email submits last I tried.

    @hendrix Yeah those kid impressions are probably what did it, along with the fact that the advertiser was probably scrubbing the hell out of them.

    @Oleg Yeah tried that offer as well with no luck. Oh well, on to the next one.

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