Interview with Oliver Kenyon,


Hey Oliver. Thanks for doing this interview. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into the industry.

Hey man how are you? Thanks so much for asking me to do this, its a great pleasure.

I basically got into this industry by mistake, i have always been online since i can remember but i was never online to make money, purely to have fun. I used to be a big participant on music and hip hop forums back in the day, but my passion was cooking and i trained and qualified as a chef. However it wasn’t until 3-4 years ago i started thinking if i had a site similar to the ones i was on, then I’m sure i could make some great money from it. I then did the typical newbish thing that everyone has to do and banged up 4-5 sites on different platforms, but mainly forums.

They were fine but they didn’t last, although i don’t regret them at all even tho i may have lost money i still learnt from every single one, and what people don’t realise is you need that experience of experimenting and learning to stumble upon something successful, it hardly ever happens overnight.

So i had several forums and websites going and i was thinking how i could monetize the sign ups, via networking online i was introduced to CPALead and the whole gateway concept. I devised a plan to make money via offering any new sign ups a free VIP membership in return for filing out a few incentive offers on the gateways. I also wrote and ebook about the method and it was a big success within the vBulletin community! I will re right it soon btw :)! After several mediocre sites i started to network via CPALead chatroom and met some great people, 2 years later and many campaigns and tested sources on i founded Okenyon Webs and now I’m here talking to you.

You own – can you tell us what it is all about?

CPAFix is my baby, after making some great friends on CPALead i decided that something was missing. They had a chatroom but it can be very buggy and temperamental, so i decided to stick to what i know (forums) and create a place for me and my friends to discuss in confidence money making methods and better ourselves. It was about 2 weeks after i launched it and the guys had signed up that i started receiving multiple inbox messages, emails, skypes etc from people asking me if they could sign up, and not just affiliates, networks and industry veterans. So i decided to open the doors, and from that day forward i vowed to give my 110% all to the project.

This industry is an amazing place but i STRONGLY believe there was a massive gap in it, you have on one side the rich affiliate who’s posting up pictures of his car and the other the poor affiliate doing anything he can to learn from the big guy. The sad thing is the big guy doesn’t want to know anymore, so i decided to build a platform that connects the two in matrimony! CPAFix is so much more than an affiliate forum now and my goal is to continue to grow it into the central pivot of affiliate marketing, one big place that allows everyone from all backgrounds to come together for one purpose, to help each other get richer.

Ive worked so hard with my team creating and adding revolutionary sectors on the site, just this week we released another industry first in our “Platform membership”, giving the big CPA platforms a voice on the forums where they can offer 100% free support to everyone who needs it! Within a week we have signed up, 7Search, PoF, Clicksor, ExoClick, JuicyAds and Sitescout! We have come so far but we still have so much more to do, were heading in the right direction.

What made you want to start a forum for affiliates when there are already a few in existence?

True, but theres nothing like what we are doing. Ill tell you what happens with forums and sites like this, the owner gets a good idea, throws up a forum and they either get bored and abandon it or try and squeeze every penny out of it exploiting the members. Just look at warrior forum, you really believe in all this WSO bullshit? The owners are no where to be seen, making money from people who don’t know better everyday (with a minor exceptions).

I wanted to create something bigger and better, the thing about CPAFix is we are slowly bringing in different memberships that allow EVERY single angle of affiliate marketing to have a presence on the site. From your network owner and affiliate manager to your beginner publisher to your multi millionaire super affiliate. Want to know the best part? It’s 100% FREE to everyone and i have not to this day tried to sell my members any sort of bullshit WSO or product.

What makes CPAFix different and how have you guys grown so quickly?

I think what makes us different and without sounding soppy is “we care”. Like i explained above you have no idea how much thought and effort is going into this project on a daily basis, i have personally now taken almost a year off affiliating and given most of my time into establishing my dream with CPAFix.

I don’t think people took me serious to begin with but it shows now in how many compliments and the respect i get from people who i would call industry veterans, just for example a quote that was written on the blog about us this week.

“Thanks for the interview, I really appreciated it. I’ve always held Oliver to the highest regard and I’ve always respected him and taken him seriously. I can’t help but look in astonishment with how far he has come with this operation – he’s making an empire in front of my eyes.

Long Live CPAFix! Long Live Oliver!”

–┬áRyan Eagle,

Another thing thats helped no end is the fact that I was and still am to some extent in the same shoes as some of my members, Ive never claimed to be a super affiliate I’ve just always told the truth, i earn a living online and via affiliate marketing but i still have so much more to learn and achieve, so i think people can relate with me because i share my every step and I’m aware of what the users need out of this platform as the reason i built it was because theres a massive gap in the industry and i want to bridge it.

Where do you see the affiliate industry and CPAFix going in the next few years?

Everyones talking about mobile, and personally i haven’t really touched it yet (soon to change). I think you can see by all these platforms creating mobile sectors and networks introducing more and more mobile offers. I also see networks really tightening up, i think they learnt from all this rebill drama and charge backs that they can’t run before they crawl. Im sure we will see a few more of the recently established networks come to nothing, and the so called stable ones will be a little more cautious.

As far as CPAFix this is just the beginning, i project us doubling in size in this year alone. We are constantly brainstorming more and more ways to grow and become a better platform and we have big things on the cards. This is no fly by night site and i see big things for us in the near future. For now I’m just working hard each day to provide a better platform for everyone.

We want to get to a certain size and then introduce some exciting ways that we and our members can profit together. I don’t want to make money from my members id rather make it worth them. Thats the goal!

What do you enjoy about running a forum and what is the most interesting challenge you guys have faced thus far?

For me its giving back, this industry has enabled me within the last two years to establish my own company, buy my first property and live my dream of being a full time entrepreneur. So what pushes me is helping other achieve the same, like i said above i have long term goals that i want to introduce schemes and programs that make my members money without exploiting them. Thats what i enjoy! I also love being apart of a family, I’m attending my first affiliate conference in September in London and you wouldn’t believe the amount of offers I’ve had to take some of our members out for dinner etc! The people i work with are awesome and i love this industry.

As far as challenges of course, its hard when your starting a project and you haven’t got something to go by. Meaning i was relatively unknown when i started CPAFix so of course you get your haters and people who try to instantly put you down but i guess that just makes you stronger and makes you realise that your onto something good! Ive been pretty sensible tho and reinvested everything I’ve earn into the project, so I’m grateful for where we are today and i can’t wait for the future.


Thanks for a great interview, Oliver. Running a forum and especially starting one from scratch and having it be successful is no easy task. I am sure my readers got a lot out of your insight and if nothing else at least a new found resource for taking their affiliate marketing skills and networking to the next level at If you haven’t checked it out already, what are you waiting? Go snag a copy of his affiliate marketing ebook just for registering.


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  1. K,

    You are the guy my man :)

    Keep it up..


  2. Thanks,
    I just joined CPAFix and I appreciate the professional environment provided by Oliver’s ‘Affiliate Hub’.

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