And where am I? Here -> ?

No. I’m here:

AKA Rainy & not to mention boring Jersey.

But I guess that’s the price we have to pay sometimes as marketers right? Even though I would have loved to go somewhere as its my last spring break as a college student ever. But my friends are too broke, so it didn’t happen.

I guess I finally have more time for affiliate marketing, something I was vying for all of last week when exams were going on. Funny how we no longer want something once we have it.

On that front, I’ve been doing decently well, but I’ve got to get myself off of short term campaigns. For the past few months I’ve been killing it with email submits having easy days of making $1,000 in a day, but they die down SO fast. They’ve allowed for a decent learning experience however. People say they make a killing off of them on PPV, but I’d imagine they last even shorter considering the amount of volume you can get via PPV.

So where am I focusing now? I’m trying to take my last shot at rebills and see if I can ever manage to squeeze something, anything out of the one thing everybody seems to be making a killing off of. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also focusing more on CPL offers and still on Facebook ads even though I’m getting entirely too sick of it. The truth is, it’s the easiest platform to run on especially when you have fb ads manager.

I guess I should take this lack of a spring break opportunity to focus on making my first $5k day happen.  I’ve just been feeling real mellow lately and things have been all over the place. I’ll be done with school in just a few months, but after having come back from Turkey I haven’t really been able to connect with a close group of people. It’s been kinda lonely, but more than that I don’t really know where I fit in. Truth be told only place I feel like I’m around people who get me are ASW and ASE, although that’s not the only reason I attend those events.  The gf is off partyin in Miami, and I should be somewhere too. I need to take a solo vacation or something after school is done. Thinking about going to one of Tony Robbin’s live events in Fiji. What’s worse is after school I’ll probably be living at home doing full-time AM. Guess it’s less lonely than living in an apartment by myself with no one else around.

I don’t know what this is. Consider it a pouring out of the heart or something to that effect.  I’ll post up more about affiliate marketing in the near future and hopefully get to the point where I can write about stuff that’ll actually be helpful to someone. We’ll see when that happens.

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2 Responses to “It’s SPRING BREAK!!”

  1. Kirtok says:

    Hey Rohail, when you work at home, you will have ups & downs. It needs great discipline to be productive all the time. Take a day or half day off, and stop by our office. We’ll chat, brainstorm, and catch up.

  2. RohailR says:

    Thanks Ahmet, you’re right. I think I’ll have to take a day off or so to regroup. That sounds really good, maybe I’ll be in the city this weekend. I’ll let you know for sure.

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