Lazy August Income Report

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. I was just figuring out my revenue / spend for August and figured I’d make a quick post out of it. I find that these posts keep me motivated to best my previous month’s numbers and just work whether it be from that or to avoid public humiliation of having a terrible month.

August sure was a lazy month in terms of work and it kind of was designed to be. If you weren’t already aware through my Twitter posts and Instagram feed, I was traveling for about a month and a half. I spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic followed by a month in Medellin, Colombia which was an amazing experience. This was the ridiculously nice view from the penthouse I stayed at for four weeks:


I definitely needed the getaway and a lot of people were telling me not to go and that “only take a vacation when you’re burnt out,” but what do they know? Ultimately you know yourself best and when you think it’s time to get away and come back with a fresh start, you’re probably right. I’m glad I took an extended break from work because it got me re-focused on what was important, what kind of lifestyle I want to live, and provided for lots and lots of new inspiration. When you get off the computer, there’s a whole other world out there besides affiliate marketing :)

Okay let’s cut to the chase. Here are my numbers for August in which I did pretty much NOTHING but watch my stats.


Aff. Network #1: $17,606.80



Aff Network #2:  $4,366.70




Product sales (My own product that I’ve been slowly selling more and more of each month without advertising):




Ad Network #1: $11,648.10

Ad Network #2: $2684.00


Total Revenue: $23,849.14

Total Expenses: $14,332.10

Profit: $9,517.04


So one of my lowest months ever on record in months, but not bad for a month where all I did was travel. This is the exception rather than the rule to be honest. I’ve had a few long-term campaigns going for me which is great, but often times campaigns die out and you have to start from scratch – if you don’t, you don’t earn.

That’s why I’m putting a part of my energy into building a long-term sustainable product to sell that will stay around for sometime. I’ve seen and experienced both the advantages and disadvantages to being an affiliate and an advertiser, but ultimately I think you have to have ownership and that’s what I’m working towards. So far my product is doing great and hopefully with the summer over and the holiday season coming up soon, sales will start growing exponentially.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed this quickly drawn up report and post – looking forward to crushing these numbers in September :)

If you have any questions or remarks, comment below!


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8 Responses to “Lazy August Income Report”

  1. George Kim says:

    Awesome Columbia trip! Jealous. Nice to get away for a while. I should plan something myself.

    Anyway, much respect, you keep it going after many years doing what you do :-)

  2. Anthony Dinh says:

    daaayum, not too shabby for a “lazy” month bro. i been out of the game for too long, trying to get back so i can say goodbye to my 9-5.

  3. Kang says:

    Nice view!

    I love going on holidays too but always find myself missing work for some sick reason lol, nice numbers for doing nothing bro!

  4. AJ says:

    I wish I could make $9k a month whilst I travelled around! Although if I had nothing to do each day I’d probably spend 10x that on alcohol.

  5. hendrix says:

    Oh wow, 4 weeks in Colombia sounds amazing! I would love to go but have canceled it out in my mind due to the incredibly horrific stories you hear. Women being used as traps for gangs to mug you etc. Did you encounter any trouble, or did that not put you off at all beforehand? How much was the penthouse for the month? View looks great.

    Asides from that, really nice to see one of these posts again man! How was the internet in Colombia? I plan on traveling and working from coffee shops in the near future, full-time.

    How’d you manage to get a pass for Colombia Fashion Week? Some of those girls are smokin’

  6. Stan Abrion says:

    Great job on your lazy month :) Building a long term product is what I’m focusing on too. Lets rock out 2014!

  7. Julian Hooks says:

    Which product are you working on? Just Curious…

  8. Rohail says:

    I just realized I missed these comments after they somehow got hit with the spam filter.

    Colombia was definitely an amazing experience and I was happy to return there in December. It’s really nowhere near as people make it out to seem. It’s got it’s bad parts just like any other country, but I felt more safe in Medellin, CO than walking around certain parts of NYC. You always have to be vigilant when traveling, but you can’t let hearsay keep you from exploring the world. I didn’t encounter any trouble at all on both of my trips. Nothing of the sort – in fact Colombians are probably the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

    The internet was pretty fast. I had no problems working from there. You should definitely take your business abroad and do the whole vagabond lifestyle thing if you get the chance. And yes the girls were smoking.

    As far as products, I have a supplement business as well as the Rogue Affiliate System that I’m expanding on.

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