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Ugly and bulky enV to sleek iPhone

Ugly and bulky enV to sleek iPhone

Finally got around to getting an iPhone. As you can see, I was running with a quite ugly looking phone from LG on Verizon called the enV. It was great for texting as it opened up into a full QWERTY keyboard, but seriously felt like carrying around a brick.

I was kind of concerned about being able to text on a touch screen, but I played around with it on the train ride back from New York after I bought it off some corporate guy down by Broadway (shady phone sales off of Craigslist FTW), and I was really surprised by how accurate it is while texting. Seriously, I thought I was gonna have to hit backspace multiple times, but the only errors made were when I accidently slipped and aimed at the wrong letter.

Now the phone is the 3G version, but it’s only six months old and I got a case with it. The reason I got it really was because I just cannot stand worrying about stats and absolutely must get Stats202 on this thing asap (just got it- this thing is awesome! Stats202 FTW)

The reason I got the 3G is because I can unlock it and take it with me when I go abroad. I’d rather not take a brand new 3GS when I’m overseas. When I get back, I’ll probably sell it and opt for an AT&T contract with a 3GS.

Seriously, even though most people probably have on already and I’m probably the last affiliate marketer to get my hands on one, get one! I don’t care much for all the apps and whatnot, but the luxury of seeing your stats by pulling your phone out of your pocket cannot be overstated.

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2 Responses to “New Phone”

  1. shawns says:

    welcome to the club :)

  2. Ian Fernando says:

    o snap! finally an official affiliate

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