Offer Snitch Review – Good or Bad?

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about a new service called Offer Snitch, put together by Ian Fernando.

Actually the service has stirred up quite a controversy. The reason for this is because Offer Snitch monitors tracking links and watches for changes while immediately notifying the user of any changes in the landing page or the hop sequence of the offer. A lot of networks I’ve spoken to have wondered why a service hasn’t existed like this before and are kind of like it’s a no brainer. Affiliates have been sharing the same sentiment – and trust me they should be if they’ve experienced multiple situations like I have where the offer goes down or the offer page gets changed with more ominous terms and conditions causing me to lose lots of money.

From what I’ve been hearing now is that affiliates are refusing to work with networks until they’ve implemented Offer Snitch in their backend. This is a serious demand and networks have begun to listen. It’s already signed up five major networks to use their services and continues to grow. However, if you’re an affiliate you don’t have to wait to start monitoring your links independently. Here’s what the backend of Offer Snitch looks like and how easy it is to set it up.



Here’s the main dashboard where you can view all the links you are monitor. To add a tracking link to monitor, you simply click on +Add Link.


Following that, you simply enter your campaign name and tracking link and select how often you want Offer Snitch to check your link as well as which changes you want to be notified about. After you’ve done all that, just hit “Edit Link” and you’re all set.

It really is as simple as that. Have you checked out Offer Snitch yet? If not, right now you can get a free 100MB trial account. After having lost on campaigns repeatedly after seeing offers go down without notification, the service really is essential to making sure my campaigns are running smoothly. Protect your links is the best advice I can give to prevent those kinds of losses and that’s what this software lets you do. Click here to check out Offer Snitch now.

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2 Responses to “Offer Snitch Review – Good or Bad?”

  1. I’ve been using this for awhile and it’s really worth it.

  2. Derek Lester says:

    If you’re serious about your affiliate commissions this tool is absolutely necessary. There’s nothing worst then having a good roi on your campaign and then a whomping drop cuz the advy wanna to place a pic somewhere else or add text, you need to know these changes once they happen. Thanks Ian!

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