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 Profit Kings Media

Most of you have heard of Profit Kings Media and I’ve been working with them ever since the network’s inception. I wanted to write about them to give you the real deal based on my experience on what’s good about PKM as there is so much mud slinging in this industry it’s hard to get the truth about a network’s quality. Well I’m here to say that PKM is a big reason I was able to become a successful affiliate.

PKM has been managed by a relatively light crew and that means way lower head, which means higher payouts for affiliates. Almost every time I look to compare offers amongst different networks, 90% of the time PKM already has the highest payout set and if they don’t they bump it up to match or beat it without a problem. No need to beg for a pay bump to get the highest payout before you start testing. It’s also not just about the payout as you know. I’ve split tested many offers with them and other networks, and I’ve consistently seen higher EPCs on PKM. I guess you know what that means some of these other networks are doing.

I’ve also never had a late payment from PKM and they always pay me – whether I ran a chump change amount of traffic for the week or thousands of dollars worth – I always see it in my account on payday. Not a lot of networks can say this. In addition, PKM has direct advertiser relationships with the majority of their offers and if they don’t have an offer you want to run they can always get it for you in a very short time.

One of my favorite things about working with PKM has always been the rewards program. It’s always fun to hit a new record level of revenue and get a progressively cooler gift each time. I remember when I got my first iPad from PKM when I hit my first high level of revenue early in affiliate career – and it doesn’t stop there. You can even win a Benz if you’re good enough. However, the goals aren’t unreachable at all and it’s highly motivating to get a reward every month for doing well.

Brand new Sennheiser Headphones

Brand new Sennheiser Headphones from PKM

If you’re not running with Profit Kings Media already, I really suggest you check them out. Yousif Yalda, owner of Profit Kings Media, is always helpful and lets you know what’s working and what’s not. I’ve gone to him several times when I’ve been looking for new campaigns to run and he’s always hooked me up with good info and offers. If you’re serious about affiliate marketing and having access to offers that convert well along with expert guidance, then you owe it to yourself to check out Profit Kings Media.

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3 Responses to “Profit Kings Media Review”

  1. Nice contest prize man, I love the Profit Kings Media network. How much revenue did you break??

  2. Ryan says:

    you really ran $50k thru PKM alone in 1 month?

  3. Rohail says:

    Yeah it was 50k in a month for the iPad

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