My last post may have had a bit of a negative vibe to it and for that I apologize. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your blog from your life separate. Other times you wonder if your blog IS your life or is it the life you pretend and want it to be. That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately because sometimes it seems like it’s just a facade. I guess I should look at my achievements and tell myself that I really have done all that stuff and that they’re not fake.

While this is a business blog, I feel like a lot of young entrepreneurs and college students out there are going through similar things as me. Considering this, I may sometimes post about stuff that may not be directly related to business, but definitely something a majority of my readers might be able to relate to. LIfe isn’t all about business, afterall.

Right now, I’m taking it easy. I don’t really know where I’m going. Yeah I’m in a fraternity, which is great. However, I’m not doing the many other things I want to do. I don’t even want to go to school anymore because there are so many things it keeps me from doing. There are so many books like Think and Grow Rich and Branson’s Losing my Virginity that I still haven’t gotten to. I still don’t have a steady stream of income coming in like I want to, but I’m working on that. Hopefully, next school year will bring more success with Walamu and maybe I’ll even find some funding. But most of all I want to re-examine my goals and find out where I want to go. What do I want from life is the question. I want this upcoming summer to be one of action as well as one of both relaxation and progress.

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2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Dennis says:

    screw the books, just take action. What helped me along was being involved on campus and getting to know a lot of people. Also, internships will help you better understand the professional world. Good luck!

  2. RohailR says:

    hm I agree that action, of course, is key. I am in the process of getting more involved in campus so I hope that will help in some way. However, I think it’s a completely different feeling to just drop everything and pursue your entrepreneurial goals full force, which I believe I am not doing right now.

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