Santa’s in Trouble – Affiliate Wish List 2011

I asked affiliates what present they would want if they could get anything this holiday season and I got a few respones. Here are some interesting ones:


1. My own private traffic source – @ucash

2. A $12.5M penthouse in the @shangri-la thats opening up here in Toronto 😛 –  @lornefade

3.  Case studies! – @DinoVedo

4.  A million dollar CPA campaign and a night with Salma Hayek. – Joe from Jersey

5.  100 kilo’s of gold – Adam Wellington

6. More hands to help with – @vitoglazers

7. To go back in time to Facebook Flyer days – Me

8. The government decided to fix it’s budget problem by cutting the FTC – Me

9. Ad approval teams that have common sense- Me

10.  High CTRs and CVRs  all day every day – Me

11. Step by step breakdown of your mobile techniques :p – FB fan Matt

12. 1985 white Lamborghini countach – Er Kan

13. 1 Billion dollars – Justin R.

14. More Filipino workers! – Ian Fernando

15. A reliable designer – Er Kan

16. Smart virtual assistants that don’t give me headaches at very cheap prices :-) – Derek L.


That’s all I got. Hope Santa got all that down. What’s your wish? Post it in the comments!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy holiday! Be safe and let’s kill it in 2012!

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  1. Merudh says:

    15. A reliable designer – Er Kan


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