Earn $358 per Sale Using 1 Simple Trick

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Shopify Affiliate Program

A lot of affiliates I know personally only promote one type of offer and that is CPA offers. What they don’t know or are ignorant to the fact of is that there is a massive amount of money to be made promoting solid CPS offers. Think about it – you have a much bigger margin to test your offers on since they payouts are generally much higher. In addition, a lot of times CPS offers actually get you a better EPC than CPA offers, which is awesome because you can scale that sucker out and generate huge amounts of revenue as an affiliate and you don’t have to worry about quality because you already produced the sale! One of these CPS offers that I think a lot of affiliates are missing out on by not promoting is Shopify, the leader in eCommerce allowing small to medium size businesses around the world launch their online stores.

Shopify essentially allows anybody, even with basic computer knowledge, to set up their own Internet e-commerce quickly and easily. There are so many mom-and-pop businesses out there as well as larger retain business who just aren’t selling online right now because they don’t know how. Shopify makes this super easy by allowing business owners to quickly set up an online store (and we’re not talking cookie cutter, drab online stores circa 1998 here either). These stores can be fully customized using an easy-to-use theme editor which is WYSIWYG so anybody can use it with ease. Business owners can also create their own website template and no HTML or CSS is off-limits. Furthermore, business owners can always hire Shopify Experts to create their online store for them and still take advantage of all the features it offers such as unlimited hosting, 24/7 customer support, SEO, and a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart.

ecommerce-growthSource: JetPay.com

It’s really a no-brainer to be honest. Think about the rate at which e-commerce (including mobile) is exploding. We are projected to go from $230 billion this year to $249 billion in 2014. That’s billion with a “B!” Pretty soon, it won’t be the mom-and-pop corner shops that are going to be the norm…it is going to be the mom-and-pop online stores selling very niche items that can easily be sold anywhere in the world using the power of the Internet and Shopify. So it makes sense to promote something that provides real value to the millions and millions of sellers that have yet to come on board to online selling or are looking for a way to. Business owners want a customized experience for their customers and control, which unlike Amazon, something like Shopify is able to do and do very well.

Here are just some of the reasons why Shopify’s affiliate program kicks ass:

  •  It’s an unsaturated affiliate program and market meaning there is a ton of opportunity here.
  • Shopify is a very well known brand in the e-commerce space.
  • All traffic sources are accepted.
  • They provide two commission options: 20% lifetime revenue share on all customers or 200% of the customer’s first bill. Per sale commission varies depending on which plan customer chooses but can be up to $358 per sale.
  • Commissions can increase depending on volume.
  • Affiliates are provided promotional resources such as banners, logos and blog content to make your affiliate marketing easy.
  • Shopify keeps your business running smoothly with timely payouts.
  • Your dashboard lets you easily see exactly how much money you’re making, when your next payment is, and how many clicks you’ve generated. The dashboard also lets you manage all of your affiliate shops from one convenient page.
  • Shopify affiliates have some of the highest conversion rates in our industry.

The most awesome part about the Shopify Affiliate Program is that business owners can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Shopify and you still get paid when they upgrade at the end of that 14 days. It’s like promoting a rebill except the product actually works, it has a much higher payout, and the customer wants it! In addition, you won’t have any problem promoting Shopify on Facebook Ads or Google AdWords (that’s right – no cloaking necessary – how’s that for something new?)

Here are some screenshots from inside the Affiliate Dashboard:


As you can see, everything is very seamless and easy to read with all the important details you want to know right there when you log in.

Below is the Affiliate tab of the Shopify Partner dashboard where you can keep track of any affiliate referrals you have sent to Shopify which allow you to earn even more.


Overall, the dashboard is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is grab your link, start promoting, and watch the numbers go up in your account.

All in all, as a serious affiliate you should seriously not be missing out on the opportunity to promote such a branded and quality offer. This isn’t one of those offers that are just going to disappear like several of the fly-by-night CPA affiliates are used to. Shopify is global, here to stay, and serious about treating their affiliates well in an effort to further grow the business. As always, they only make money when you make money, and to be honest I haven’t seen a lot of well-branded companies come forward and put as much effort into their affiliate program as Shopify has. I highly recommend you check them out if you’re serious about running long-term campaigns for quality products as a professional affiliate marketer.

Some interesting facts about Shopify:

  • Story: founded in 2005 as a snowboard company (https://www.snowdevil.ca/)
  • Today Shopify supports 50,000+ active online shops (adding 2,000+ new customers a month)
  • Customers in 108 countries
  • In 2012 Shopify shops processed 9.9M orders (over $750M in Gross Merchandise Value) – http://www.shopify.com/infographics/year-in-review-2012
  • In 2013 Shopify’s shops are projected to sell over $1.5B in Gross Merchandise Value (!)
  • 98% of their merchants self identify as SMB’s or entrepreneurs
  • Top 3 product categories include: fashion and apparel, electronics and accessories, and home & garden
  • App store: over 280 integrations
  • Theme store: over 120 themes


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5 Responses to “Earn $358 per Sale Using 1 Simple Trick”

  1. Julian Hooks says:

    Shopify is a beast of a platform. As an internet marketer that builds his own niche sites I get a lot of requests from friends that think I build websites for a living. I always refer them to Shopify if they are looking for an eCommerce site.

    Also I watch a lot of SharkTank, and a good portion of eCommerce deals that get made all end up with Shopify websites. They must be doing something right :p

    I wasn’t aware they had an affiliate program, I’ll have to check it out, thanks!

  2. Rohail says:

    Hey Julian, thanks for the comment!

    Yeah I absolutely agree. I get people who want to start their own eCommerce site asking me how they should do it all the time and I always refer them to Shopify. It really is the easiest platform out there for people to set up a custom shop in my opinion.

    I had no idea there were companies on SharkTank using Shopify. That is awesome.

    Yes definitely check out their affiliate program, they are really serious about providing a good deal for their affiliates. No problem!

  3. hendrix says:

    Interesting post, did you have any success promoting them? I would be tempted to try their affiliate program, but their commission is just too low for any real margins. We’re up against industry giants like hostgator (closest comparison) paying up to 125$ per $0.01 signup!

  4. Sunil says:

    Hi Rohail,

    My name is Sunil and I am from India.

    Can I promote Shopify program in my country? If so, then what kind of technical and marketing support will be provided by company. Do they have any marketing office in India or any other contact person??

    Will appreciate your feedback in this regard!

    Thanks and Regards


  5. Rohail says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Yes you should be able to promote Shopify in India without any problems. They accept global traffic. Best of luck.

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