Shout Out to Two Industry Rockstars

This is kind of random, but I was just thinking about how much affiliate marketing has impacted my life. Truth be told it’s really become an engrained part of who I am – most of my closest friends and those who influenced me the most are in fact affiliates or were affiliates and have gone on to become advertisers. Almost every country I have visited has been the direct result of some sort of conference or meet up. And I’ve grown a lot as well just from the day to day conversations I have with others in the industry or just hanging out or traveling with them.

A while back, I was doing one of those exercises to get you clear on who you are and where you want to go (I think it may have been one of Tony Robbin’s works). The questionnaire asked:

So the 1st challenge…. Is to be detailed about two relationships in your life. The first, other than your parents, who has been the most influential person in your life. Be as detailed as possible. What did they do? What did they teach you? Why are they the way they are?

And here’s the answer I wrote down to this question about two years ago:

Charles Ngo – One of my good friends from the industry. I’ve known Charles since I began in the industry and he has been one of the most influential people in my life because of his willingness to help me out whether it be in strategies or advice regarding my business or life decisions. When I was starting off and was a peasant, I didn’t have a place to stay in NYC and Charles hooked me up with a place to stay, which I’ll never forget. Whenever I’ve been stuck or in a quandary regarding a particular life situation about my business, travel, or even with what he thinks about a particular girl I’m dating, I’ve been able to turn to Charles via Skype and in person and get his advice. He continues to motivate me given his ability to discipline himself and focus on the important stuff. He is also never afraid to show his gratitude – if you ever help him out, he’ll be sure to show you that he appreciates it, which is incredibly admirable. I think Charles is the way he is because he loves helping people. He doesn’t see it as a zero-sum game and has an abundant mind set. He also cares a lot about his friends and goes out of his way to help those he trusts and considers friends.


Ian Fernando – Ian is also one of my earliest and closest friends from the affiliate marketing industry. I ran into Ian on my first flight to Las Vegas for a conference. We were both leaving from Newark Airport. He’s been influential in my life because him being a sort of celebrity blogger, helped me out in my own branding and blogging efforts just by association and because he mentioned me on his blog many times. Aside from that, Ian has a persona of never letting anything bother him. He’s always content and nothing rarely ruffles his feathers. He’s always out there to help those he considers his friends and has been generous with his friends from the start. I can only hope to be as generous and abundance-minded as him one day. Ian has criticized me in the past for caring too much what other people think and worrying too much and instead taught me to just “enjoy life.” He’s taught me to not care what other people think and to relinquish things we can’t control. I think Ian is this way because he’s experienced a lot growing up and has come out stronger so he knows how to deal with those situations. He wants me to put all the tough times aside and just focus on the positive because he’s been through it and he genuinely wants to help those around him.


Just wanted to share this. These are two stand up guys in the industry that anyone can learn from. Oh and by the way Charles is currently celebrating his birthday in Asia right now – go head over to his blog and wish him a good one and let him know how he’s helped you as well as I’m sure he’d appreciate it –

Ian Fernando, on the other hand, is currently back in Florida because he’s gotten used to the warm weather down there unlike the freezing temperatures we’re facing in NYC. Go check out his blog at As one of the most innovative people in the industry, I’m sure you’ll learn something that catapults your business.

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