Tatted Up! Industry Ink Exposed

There’s no denying it. Our industry definitely has a thing for tattoos. There’s no doubt that there are more than a few well-known figures in affiliate marketing who sport some of the sickest ink ever seen. Here are some of the top tats in the industry:

1. Kris Trujillo from Xrevmedia

kris tattoo

2. Ian Fernando – Offer Snitch

Ian Fernando tattoo

3. Drew from DrewtheBarber.net

Drew the Barber tattoos

4. Ryan Eagle – EWA Network & BLAM Ads

Ryan Eagle tattoos

5. Ruck – IMGrind

ruck tattoos

6. Ryan Gray – IMGrind

ryan tattoos

7. Jason Rubacky – #GetSome

jason tattoos

These guys have some bad ass ink work done. Who do you think takes the cake for having the best tats? Vote below.


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11 Responses to “Tatted Up! Industry Ink Exposed”

  1. Steve Howe says:

    I still think my tattoos will look better than most of these in 20 years from now…. I guess that is because I do not have any :)

  2. Douglife says:

    Is the face of corporate in America changing? I’d like to think so.

  3. Ryan Gray says:

    ^^ yes the face of corporate America is changing. out with the old fart CEOs in with the new generation.

  4. the newest ink gets the most votes #PaidTraffic … lulz!

    other arm is almost done as well along with top of hands, knuckles & chest piece.

    My ink will eat your face!!! #GetSome

    “all day… every day”

  5. RohailR says:

    Haha I like it Eric. Means much more than just a ring I’d say.

    @Jason Lol nice man. I was thinking about putting up the #GetSome tat, but the black & white looked dope. I hope some of that new ink is reppin Chitown!

  6. yea man… last one i just got was a tweaked out graffiti version of the Chicago flag!

  7. Ryan Eagle says:

    Rubacky has some insane fucking tattoo work – I got my referral off from him, so I need to give credit where credit it due.

  8. Vito Glazers says:

    Nice tats gentleman. That is some serious commitment there.

    I’d show you mine but all my tattoos are on the inside.


  9. RohailR says:

    ^ Best comment ever.

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