The 5 C’s of Affiliate Marketing

You’ve never heard of the 5 C’s?

Does this post sound like it’s about to turn into some corporate drone powerpoint presentation?

Well rest assured, it’s not. These 5 C’s are for real. How do I know? Because I’ve learned them through experience.

  1. Confidence – Ah yes that elusive term confidence. Why is it necessary? Well first let’s take a look at the majority  people in affiliate marketing who make a boatload of money or at least claim to. What do they have in common? A shear amount of cockiness (or confidence if that’s what you want to call it). Just hang out with any of these guys at any conference and you’ll know what I’m talking about. And it’s not a bad thing. I actually admire them for it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that I NEED to be more confident in myself as a person and as a business owner. If I don’t believe in my abilities then why the hell should you? And you know what? I’m getting there slowly. Along with this, you should know that confidence should be your first goal, NOT success. Copyblogger talks about how aiming for success instead of confidence could keep you poor in this post and I absolutely agree. Once you have confidence, you know you can make something happen again and having confidence in your abilities should be your greater goal.
  2. Creativity- You’ve probably heard this one a bunch of times so I’m gonna keep it short. If you’re not being creative then there’s a 98% chance you’re not making any real money. Let me tell you – any time I’ve followed one of those hot tips that come flying into my inbox telling me that I should be stacking paper taller than skyscrapers, I’ve failed. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a HUGE feeling that it’s probably not working because everybody and their mother is running the same offer on the same traffic sources. Any time that I’ve gotten something to really work for me it’s been an offer that I personally picked because I thought it would work and I saw an angle that I could promote it with. And you know what? It’s always always taken less testing than the latest dating or bizopp offer that’s been pushed to me from the networks.
  3. Conferences- Shows like Affiliate Summit and AdTech can literally boost your profits. How? Well first let’s talk about the amount of motivation you get after attending these shows. You’re literally hanging with millionaires and people who know their shit in the industry. You can’t help but be motivated and not to mention I’ve definitely picked up some HUGE tips while attending these conferences. Half of them I haven’t even put to use because I just don’t have the time. I even say that even if you’re a seasoned pro at this game there’s always something to learn. For instance, I learned about how to market on Android-powered phones at the last Affiliate Summit East in NY and I wouldn’t have learned about how to take advantage of Android phones if I hadn’t gone to the conference. Not to mention you have the opportunity to speak to the experts on panels face to face. A lot of people tell me that they’re not ready to go to conferences and are waiting until they get big. Well chances are you’re not going to get big until you get out there and start learning and doing with real people and real face-to-face business relationships.
  4. Connections- I don’t really like the word connections. I prefer relationships. But it’s true in any business, a part of success is who you know and more importantly who knows you. Establishing honest relationships in the industry and making friends can definitely open doors for you, but the first thing you should know is that in any relationship it’s a two way street. So don’t go out there trying to fling your business cards at everybody at the next conference. Listen to what people have to say and be confident (not cocky). I usually don’t even go with an agenda to any of these conferences. Just be yourself, be open to meeting new people, and have fun.
  5. Cloaking- This last one is a joke of course lol. But remember that any one in business who made a large fortune made it because they spotted an opportunity – a loophole if you will- and were able to capitalize on that opportunity. Most of the money made in the world today is made in that way. The laws aren’t perfect. And there are always loopholes. That’s exactly how the person who created the first flog was thinking and that’s how he got away with a fortune before it was even really made illegal by the FTC. So always be thinking ahead and if you can find that one loophole, it can make you very rich.

So that’s it. Those are my 5 C’s of affiliate marketing. Master these five concepts and you’ll be guaranteed to be making more money than you are currently.

Are any of these especially true in your business? Leave a comment.

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