Things To DO

  • Have eBay business up and running by June 15th.
  • Get set up with rest of wholesalers.
  • Earn $100 profit on eBay for this month.
  • Earn $200 profit in the month of July on eBay.
  • Earn $400 profit in the month of August on eBay.
  • Launch curb painting business by July 18th.
  • Have fliers done for curb painting.
  • Read Brazen Careerist.
  • Finish The Alchemist.
  • Coaching.
  • Sign up for gym this Monday.
  • Work hard on Saba.
  • Project SeaFire.
  • Conference.
  • Finish The Anatomy of Buzz.
  • Take a BREAK. Travel somewhere. Anywhere.
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7 Responses to “Things To DO”

  1. Oisin says:

    Good to see that you’ve got a set plan to follow and I’m intrigued by project Seafire.

    I’m a bit sceptical about an ebay business though. I presume you’ve uncovered some good niche. Care to share more info?


  2. RohailR says:

    Thanks Oisin.

    Right now the eBay business is just at an experimentation level, although I think I’ve caught on to a good niche with decent profit margins. I’ll be posting more about that later. This time I can tell you though, that I’m no longer dropshipping, but rather purchasing my supply beforehand in order to get some sort of margin (which you usually don’t find when you dropship).

  3. chris.pund says:

    I would also be interested to hear more about your eBay business as I currently run one as well. I have been looking for some new suppliers or drop shippers but haven’t had a whole lot of luck. What kind of products were you dropshipping before?

  4. RohailR says:

    To be honest, I’ve come a long way from last a couple of Decembers ago when I started with eBay. I dropped it after my first attempt because I didn’t find dropshipping to be very profitable even though I had invested a lot into finding dropship resources. 90% of the battle is just finding a profitable product to sell. I was previously dropshipping Coleman propane camp stoves, but was always killed by Walmart’s prices as well as bulk sellers on eBay. Now I’m shifting directions and actually purchasing the supply beforehand. My first batch of supply came in today so let’s see what I can do with it.

  5. chris.pund says:

    Interesting. Are you sticking with the Coleman stoves or something outdoor/camping related? I am just curious as I sell keep an inventory of similar items (not Coleman stoves, by camping products). Just curious what you are getting in to now. Feel free to drop me an email if you want with your eBay name and I will check you out.

  6. S. Raza says:

    Thats a pretty good way of planning things. The more conservative your estimate the less disappointed you are in case you don’t meet your goals for a specific time period. I used to have an eBay business too, unfortunately I didn’t plan it well from the start (which is how I learned my lesson on why having a Business and budget plan is so important)

    BTW being a Rivzi, you’re probably a distant cousin of mine lol

    Best of luck to you!

  7. RohailR says:

    No more camping stoves, Chris– too much competition from Wal-mart there.

    S. Raza-

    Appreciate the comment! We probably are related somehow considering I have first cousins who have the last name Raza (from Maryland). Thanks, again!

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