Where the hell have I been?

It’s been more than half a year since my last update and I know you’re all probably wondering where the hell I’ve been (sarcasm).

Honestly, I just had so much going on and somewhere in there I kind of lost the desire to write. But I’m back now, and here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been up to:

March 2012 – Moved to NYC near Time Square. This was a blast while it lasted and after living there I honestly don’t think I can live anywhere else. Unfortunately, I was in Barcelona at the time my lease was coming up for renewal and I lost it and I had more traveling to do ahead so I decided to take another look at NYC when I’m done traveling.

August – Affiliate Summit East was definitely a memorable one and it didn’t hurt that I lived close to the conference.

September – Headed to the Adsimilis meetup in Amsterdam, which was as always a great time. We decided to get an apartment off of AirBnB that was right on the canal in the Red Light District and were right in the middle of everything. Adsimilis did a great job of treating us with a boat trip around the canal and had a solid panel of affiliates as well as the CEOs of WhatRunsWhere and HasOffers. This is definitely not a meetup to miss and if you haven’t been to Amsterdam before, here’s your excuse :)

Following Amsterdam, I headed to ad:tech London with a short stop in Brussels with a few NJ affiliates including Ian Fernando and met up with Oliver Kenyon from CPAFix and got to check out what the show in London was all about. Truth be told it was way smaller than NYC, which was to be expected, but it was still productive. There were lots of agencies and networks present, along with the usual representatives.

After London, I flew to Barcelona where me and a friend checked out for about a week. Barcelona was a cool city and we actually got to connect with a few big affiliates there that we had actually met in Amsterdam at the Adsimilis meet up. Barcelona seemed like somewhat of a haven for affiliates other than the usual ones you hear about in Thailand. The weather was perfect, the women were gorgeous, and the beaches / nightlife were incomparable. We got the check out an FC Barcelona game which was pretty cool after showing up to the stadium and buying the tickets off of some street hustlers. Surprisingly, they worked.

After Barcelona, we took the high speed train to Madrid where we stayed for about 4 days. Madrid was a much more historical and metropolitan city. There was a famous painting by Picasso that everyone told us we had to check out so we did that and soon afterwards joined in with the Madrid protests, which was honestly more like a party with people smoking and drinking while holding up signs. It was nothing like what they were showing on TV here in the US – way more calm even though there were helicopters swirling around and a barrage of SWAT and police vehicles around us. We got to check out a Real Madrid game towards the end of our trip, which was an awesome experience (try comparing a soccer stadium full of fans to a baseball stadium full of fans and you have no comparison).

Finally after Madrid, it was time to go back home. Here are some pics from the trip.

November – Ad:tech New York was right around the corner so I checked that out while I was there and got to connect with some new and familiar faces. After this I was completely conferenced out. For the rest of November and December I did nothing but work on campaigns. In fact, I was part of the Hunger Games on the StackThatMoney forums, which was an awesome experience. If you ever get the chance to try to compete, then definitely do so. I got to connect with some really solid affiliates and we had StackMan as our mentor which was priceless.

December – I traveled to South Asia for a wedding which was an interesting experience nonetheless. I always tell people that they should try to travel somewhere off the beaten path because it truly gives you some perspective. We truly are lucky to live where we do and I most definitely realized I took a lot of things for granted while living there. Not knowing whether or not you’ll come back alive after leaving the house because there might be an attack or being constantly paranoid because you could get robbed at any moment kind of makes you think about how lucky we are to not have to worry about those things. I enjoyed my time there and I would do it again, but all in all, I was glad to be home for the two days that I was before ASW.

Street hustler

January – Having just got back from ASW, I have to say it was worth it. Even though I was dead tired from traveling, I still tried to make the best of it, because as we all know picking up even just one tip from ASW or ASE can pay for your trip a hundred times over. Look for a dedicated post on ASW soon.

In addition to getting burnt on some campaigns, he past year was also rough because I was in an up and down relationship, but now I have a lot more time to focus. It sucks, but it’s the reality of the fact that not everyone can or should have to handle the lifestyle that comes with this business or any business. The fact that affiliate marketing is not a one time and done thing and that offers always come and go makes it unstable but lucrative when it does work. There’s also no time clock and I could literally work every waking hour and often times I do. It sucks to not have something you put a lot into work out, but I know what I want from life and I have to work towards it.

I am starting fresh now having lost my Facebook accounts and having had a few tough learning experiences this year. It feels like I’m back to where I started, but I know what I have to do. I am looking forward to rebuilding my business with an intense focus and working on what I’m good at instead of trying to chase every rabbit and work with every network. I have the capital and the experience behind me so now it’ s just a matter of making it happen.


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14 Responses to “Where the hell have I been?”

  1. Justin Garza says:

    Good luck, not like you need it though. :)

  2. Rohail says:

    Thanks bro!

  3. hendrix says:

    nice catch up man! wish you the best of luck this year :) looking forward to your next post telling us how much you smashed it this month!

  4. Rohail says:

    Thanks man! Appreciate it. Best of luck to you too! Looking forward to that as well :)

  5. hendrix says:

    Before I depart for the month… Any tips on Facebook bidding strategies? I’m trying to hammer a demo of about 700k but after 2-3 days.. as expected the CTR takes a bomb and everything grinds to a unsightly halt. In over a week I’ve had roughly 10k clicks, but now bid prices have doubled and ROI has diminished! Even when changing up the images bid prices still don’t go much lower.

    The only thing I can think of.. either I caused a bidding war for the whole demo and competitors have been raising their bids to get more traffic, or Facebook isn’t digging something on my end.

    Anyway, not the clearest explanation, but would love to hear how you’ve over come this in the past. Any other passers-by feel free to chim in! Cheers :)

  6. Julian Hooks says:

    Good to see you back here updating. Long time no talk man! I’ve been laying low trying to work my Seo magic this past year. Plenty of ups and down with all the updates as you can imagine. Anyway good luck on the business this year and hopefully I’ll be able to catch you at some conferences!

  7. Rohail says:

    Hey Julian, yeah man long time no talk! That’s what up man..it’s all about concerted effort to build a foundation at first and then kicking it into high gear. Too many people miss the first step! Yeah it’s been a tough year for SEO I can imagine. Keep at it, and yeah definitely catch you at the next one!

  8. Rohail says:

    Hey Hendrix,

    Looks like I missed your comment, sorry about that. Any way, if it’s not too late for you, I would say 2-3 days is a bit short for a 700k demo to be taking a hit on the CTR, but I guess it depends on how much you’re spending daily. It’s always a good idea to rotate in new creatives though. Also, make sure you’re bidding high enough. If you have a good CTR, you can still bid high and get cheap clicks. Just keep your eye on it though as you don’t want to see a sharp increase in CPC if it drops. The best thing would be to have new creatives to rotate in because 700k will get burnt out fairly quickly without them. Hope that helps man!

  9. Great to see you back on the blog mate….was so good meeting you and cannot wait until next time!

  10. Crazie Cajun says:

    Great catching up at ASW bro! Glad to hear you getting back and settling down a bit. Make it happen in 2013!

  11. Ryan says:

    Hey man,

    Would you still recommend using LotsOfAds?

  12. Rohail says:

    Yup, still think it’s the most comprehensive / user-friendly social ad spy out there. I did a review on it a while back: http://www.rohailrizvi.com/lotsofads-review.htm

  13. Rohail says:

    @Oliver Great meeting you too man – Until next time!

    @Crazie Cajun Hey bro great catching up as well! Haha yeah it’s about time. Definitely, big things happening this year!

  14. hendrix says:

    Cheers buddy! No worries, interesting to hear you view on bid prices! I tend to leave ads for a day then reduce the bid price that night to a few cent above the avg bid price. Would you advise against that?

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